Your Industry is Our Industry

Whether your industry is a global multi-national corporation, or a small retail corner store, ProbityPeople can provide you with the comfort you need with your hiring needs.

Making sure you are meeting your workforce compliance needs, and onboarding new staff with confidence is critical to any business success.

  • We offer a comprehensive, end-to-end screening solution that caters to the specialised requirements of any industry.
  • Our expert Compliance Account Managers will work with you to tailor a suite of background screening checks best suited to your business and industry.
  • From new employee background screening to criminal history checks, we will ensure that your business is protected.

Recommended Background Checks​

We recommend the following employment background screening checks as a starting point for every industry:

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

Credit Default Check

Verbal Reference Check

Qualification Check

Accreditation Check

Right to Work Check

Give your business the hiring advantage with Australia’s complete employment screening solution.