ProbityPeople is your online business partner in pre and post employment screening solutions. ProbityPeople is innovative technology developed in Australia, to Australian standards. Onboarding new hires or remaining compliant with intermittent re-checking of existing employees is made easy through your ProbityPeople secure portal. Protecting your data, managing your privacy, and delivering fast efficient and accurate results will see you streamline your employee compliance processes. Smart employers hire smarter with ProbityPeople.

How ProbityPeople
can benefit your business

Group 63

Accredited Agency

Approved by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to provide Australian Police Checks.


Secure Online Platform

Manage, process and review all of your screening checks via your secure portal.


Fast Results

Many of our checks are processed within 24 hours which means zero delays.


Track Progress

Receive updates and notifications via email, as well as automatic reminders for renewal checks.


Streamlined Reporting

Control your business reporting needs with ProbityPeople’s advanced filter functionality.


Local Support

ProbityPeople is Australian owned. Our dedicated support team is located in Sydney.


Save on Inhouse Resources

Outsourcing your background screening and employment checks to ProbityPeople saves time, staffing costs and internal resources.


Flexible Billing

No sign-up fees, contracts or monthly subscriptions. Only pay for the checks you have ordered.

Employment background checks and screening for every industry

ProbityPeople has been developed for HR managers by a team of specialists with a deep knowledge of the Australian business and employment landscape, which is why we can recommend screening solutions for a broad range of industries. Every industry needs a screening solution that is specific to their requirements. Finding the right workforce compliance solution for your industry is easy.



ProbityPeople offers a comprehensive selection of background checks that cater to legislative requirements for government employees. This includes identity verifications, work rights checks, employment reference checks, qualification checks, criminal history checks and more.


Other Industries

ProbityPeople offers a comprehensive, end-to-end screening solution that can meet the specialised requirements of your industry. Our expert consultants will work with you to customize a suite of background screening checks you can implement as part of your employee onboarding and post-recruitment process.


Financial Services

With a strong history of working with and supporting clients in the financial services sector, ProbityPeople has been designed to meet the sector’s workforce compliance requirements.

probitypeople volunteer


Hiring new talent in the Not-for-Profit sector is not without its challenges. Whether you’re hiring employees or volunteers, it’s more important than ever to minimise risk and protect your reputation with a simple and efficient background screening solution.

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Healthcare and Social Assistance is Australia’s largest employing industry. ProbityPeople will work with you to create a comprehensive employment screening solution that meets the regulations of the healthcare industry, protects your business and ensures you hire qualified staff that best fit your organisation.



The integrity of teachers and school leaders is fundamental for creating and sustaining learning environments in which students can thrive. ProbityPeople will help you establish and maintain a trusted and safe work environment starting with your employees.

ProbityPeople makes background screening seamless and easy

Ready to hire smarter? Schedule a demo to see how the ProbityPeople Solution can partner with companies like yours to deliver employment screening that integrates seamlessly with your existing onboarding process.


Create an API check request with candidate and check details.


ProbityPeople process the check request.


Create an API check status request to regularly monitor in progress checks.


Once the check is finalised download the certificate with a single API call.


Ready to hire smarter with ProbityPeople?​