Police Checks

Police Checks – a simple solution to identifying employee risk.

Gaining confidence in your recruitment process, and maintaining integrity in your employee compliance processes is essential for today’s world. Key things to consider when deciding if a Police Check should form part of your recruitment process are:

  • Serious crime within a business environment is rarely performed by a first time offender
  • Identity theft is at an all time high
  • Embezzlement and fraud are at the top of the list for crimes committed against corporate Australia
  • Theft and assault in the workplace are far more common than we realise
  • Employee safety can be jeopardised if the right checks are not conducted prior to hire.
  • People change – the person you hired 2 years ago may not be the same person today. Annual or bi-annual re-checking of employees is commonplace in many organisations these days.

Underwrite your hiring decisions, order a Police Check today. There is no price for peace of mind.

What types of Police Checks are available to you?

There are two main government agencies that provide police checks. They both have specific purposes for which they can be used.

International Police Checks provide information about an individual’s criminal record convictions reported in a country outside of Australia and its remote offshore territories. They are undertaken by our partner, an accredited and certified non-government agency.

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) works with all Australian Police Agencies and accredited bodies to deliver the National Police Checking Service. The more formal name for what is commonly referred to as a “police check” or “background check” is a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

The ACIC is the primary source for most employment related police checks in Australia.

  • If you are conducting a recruitment exercise within your business where a police check forms part of your pre-employment screening process
  • Your organization requires incumbent employees to undergo a periodic employment re-check
  • If you are a charity or not for profit with volunteer workers
  • If you are working with children or vulnerable people
  • For immigration and citizenship*
  • For visa applications*
  • For adoption applications*
  • For occupation related licensing*
  • For firearm licensing*

*ProbityPeople does not provide police checks for these purposes

AFP Police Check

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has a much broader role in policing within Australia. Their job is to enforce Commonwealth criminal law, and they work closely with a range of other law enforcement agencies nationally, and internationally. They also provide a National Police Check service.

The AFP service is somewhat restricted for employment screening purposes.

  • If you are a resident of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories
  • If you are seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • If you are requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
  • For Australian immigration purposes
  • If you are residing overseas
  • For overseas employment
  • For overseas adoption
  • For visa applications for overseas travel

International Police Checks

International Police Checks are undertaken by our international partner, an accredited non-government agency. They have access to information sourced from local law enforcement and other related agencies in more than 200 countries, territories and dependencies.

  • If a candidate has resided outside of an Australian sovereign territory for any length of time and is seeking employment in Australia
  • If a candidate requires an International Police Check to satisfy sector or business specific regulatory compliance
  • If a candidate has spent more than six months residing overseas

Select the right police checks for your organisation from the list below.

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check is a police check conducted by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. This provides information on an individual’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges sourced from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions, subject to relevant spent convictions/ non-disclosure legislation and/or information release policies.

AFP Police Check

A Police Check with the Australian Federal Police provides information on an individual’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges sourced from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions, for specific purposes such as: seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government, Immigration, overseas employment and more.

International Police Check

An International Police Check is recommended for international candidates or candidates who have lived or spent extended periods of time overseas in the past ten years. An International Police Check will disclose any criminal history records outside of Australia and is most effective for your screening compliance when used in conjunction with a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

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