A Credit Default Check is important to limit the employer’s risk of exposure to fraud and theft especially for roles with access to company finances or purchasing.

Undertaking a Credit Default Check with ProbityPeople prior to interview will ensure you are prepared to address irregularities in your credit default should it be relevant to your role. It will also demonstrate to the employer that you operate to high standards as it relates to honesty and integrity.

Why should you conduct a Credit Default Check?

A Credit Default Check should be conducted for the following reasons:

  • Verify an applicant’s identification, especially for roles that require security clearance
  • Identify signs of financial distress that might indicate increased risk of fraud or theft
  • Assess an individual’s ability to handle financial responsibility

How long does a Credit Default Check take?​​

Results are returned instantly.

What data is shown on a Credit Default Check?​​

A Credit Default Check may reveal the following information:

  • Public record information including court judgements, bankruptcy and personal insolvency information
  • Information regarding third party companies that have accessed your credit default

Ready to complete your Credit Default Check?

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