Do your healthcare providers hold current qualifications? Do they possess the highest ethical standards?

Healthcare is one of Australia’s largest employing industries and covers health services such as:-

  • Hospitals and ambulance services
  • Medical and dental centres
  • Clinics and specialists
  • Rehab facilities
  • Nursing homes, aged care and in home care
  • Community based healthcare services
  • Children’s services, school nurses & special needs

The need for efficient compliance solutions to meet Australian standards, industry regulations, and the high demand nationally for skilled healthcare workers is paramount. ​

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ProbityPeople – finding a cure for candidate compliance.

Recommended Background Checks​

We recommend the following employment background screening checks for the healthcare sector:

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

Accreditation Check

Medical Assessments

Verbal Reference Check

Academic Transcript Check

Discover a new way to manage your recruitment compliance.