Employment screening can be a lengthy and time-consuming process involving many ‘back and forths’ between employers, applicants and verifying bodies. Not everyone has the time or staff capacity to dedicate to conducting employment checks let alone verifying the checks after they are conducted.

If you’re looking for a streamlined verification of an applicant’s previous employment, ProbityPeople can conduct an Employment Check on your behalf. We will confirm with the Payroll or HR Department of the applicant’s former employer that they were previously employed, and verify details such as dates of employment and last position held. With fast turnaround times and competitive pricing, it makes sense to outsource your employee background checks to ProbityPeople.

Why should you conduct an Employment Check?

An Employment Check should be conducted for the following reasons:

  • Verify that the information provided on a candidate’s application for employment is truthful and accurate
  • Identify any potential risks before making a hiring decision
  • Fulfil your company’s due diligence and compliance obligations without wasting internal resources

How long does an Employment Check take?

On average, you can expect to receive the results of your applicant’s Employment Check within one to two business days.

Turnaround times are an estimation only based on our experience. Where ProbityPeople is reliant on third parties to provide information, it may take longer for information to be supplied.

What data is shown on an Employment Check?​​

An Employment Check may reveal the following information:

  • Confirmation the applicant was employed by the company
  • Employment dates
  • Last position held

What if I need a more detailed reference and employment check?​​

We recommend you request the ProbityPeople Employment Reference Check or the ProbityPeople Verbal Reference Check. These checks not only confirm the information you would otherwise receive from a streamlined Employment Check but go deeper to explore an applicant’s capability in performing the tasks required as part of their job, their strengths and challenges, trustworthiness, interpersonal skills and more. The Verbal Reference Check will leave no stone unturned and will include career progression, salary package confirmation and independent referee verification. There is also an opportunity to customise your reference questions.

What if my candidate worked overseas?​​

ProbityPeople can conduct an International Employment Check that will verify the candidate was employed by the company, the dates they were employed, and their last position held. If you require an International Employment Check, choose this option as part of your order.

Need an Employment Check?

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Education & Qualification Checks

Education history is one of the most commonly lied about aspects on a jobseeker’s resume. Our team of consultants will personally reach out to any Australian institution to verify your applicant’s education and / or qualifications.
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From bankruptcy checks and credit default checks, to verifying directorships, we offer a comprehensive range of financial background checks for employment to tick every box.​ ​
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A Police Check is a critical first step when deciding to offer an individual employment with your company, to reduce the risk of internal fraud and theft, and protecting your staff from potential threats. ProbityPeople is an accredited agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). ​
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Right to Work Checks

Check your employee’s work rights, restrictions and visa entitlements with a ProbityPeople Work Rights Check. We are legally qualified to complete right to work checks on your behalf to confirm work or study restrictions and potential visa limitations.​
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