Education – essential protection for the most vulnerable people in our community.

Education comes in many forms in Australia. You can access education by way of onsite classroom style learning or online solutions which many providers now offer.

There is a need to check all educators for their qualifications and teaching standards – but there is a particular need for a deeper review of those working with our most vulnerable people – the children in our schools.

ProbityPeople can provide comprehensive screening solutions for:-

  • All primary and secondary schools
  • All special needs and support learning centres
  • Universities and colleges
  • All registered training organiations
  • Home tutors and student supported learning

The integrity of teachers and school leaders in educational institutions is fundamental in ensuring wellbeing of all participants. ProbityPeople can support you to achieve sustainable learning environments in which students thrive.

ProbityPeople will help you establish and maintain a trusted, safe and stable environment which starts with hiring the right educators.

Working with Children Checks

Working with Children Checks are only obtainable by the applicant themselves. Each state of Australia has their own agency for processing these checks. You can find links below for each state to commence your own application.

Recommended Background Checks​

We recommend the following employment background screening checks for the education sector:

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

Academic Transcript Check

Accreditation Check

Verbal Reference Check

Put integrity at the centre of your workforce.