ProbityPeople Solution

Smart hiring. Creating corporate success through knowing your people.

It takes human resource professionals and experienced hiring managers to know the importance of thorough screening and onboarding of your employees.

Welcome to Probity People.

Learning the hard way that times change, circumstances change – and people change. Take advantage of ProbityPeople’s solutions to:

  • Manage the end to end background screening and onboarding of all your new hires from entry level to the most senior executives; and
  • Outsource the re-screening of existing employees sensitively, by allowing ProbityPeople to manage it for you. Utilise our tailored secure platform to remind you, invite employees and maintain records of your incumbent staff compliance needs.

Where staff become trusted colleagues.

ProbityPeople is an Australian company, owned by people who have been front and centre in the Australian employment landscape for over 30 years.

A seamless platform that offers the most comprehensive pre- and post-employment screening solutions for you and your organisation. Security, efficiency, and a clear purpose is why you can trust ProbityPeople to deliver the complete screening solution for your business.

Purpose-built, innovative and responsive.

Putting you in complete control, you can order, track, manage and review all your background checks from one secure portal. ProbityPeople is partnered with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) as a Stay Smart Online Partner.

ProbityPeople’s batch ordering solution is designed for businesses with a larger hire volume either for one-off bulk recruitment, or on an ongoing basis.


Save on time, staffing costs and internal resources
with the ProbityPeople solution.

Candidates will submit necessary personal details with identity documents and ProbityPeople consultants will process these with results returned directly to your portal. You will be notified via email with any updates.

Employers simply need to create an account on ProbityPeople. This gives you access to a secure online portal where you can manage, track and view candidate results. Treat the secure online portal as your secure compliance portal with ProbityPeople.

ProbityPeople Solution

Once an order has been created, an invitation email will be sent automatically to the Candidate, requesting them to create a secure account on ProbityPeople to complete screening. From there, they will see the checks that you’ve requested them to complete. The entire process is online, secure and streamlined.

As an accredited agency with a number of government organisations, you can rest assured knowing your company is receiving the very best in employment screening.

ProbityPeople Solution

Need a secure, flexible employment screening solution that you can trust?