A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (also known as a police check) provides information on an individual’s disclosable court outcomes and pending charges sourced from the databases of all Australian police jurisdictions, subject to relevant spent convictions/ non-disclosure legislation and/or information release policies.

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check with ProbityPeople can be processed for employment purposes. For reasons other than employment purposes, please see AFP National Police Check.

When can I expect results for my police check?​​

Most results are returned within 24 hours from the applicant’s date of submission. In the case where a police check will need to be referred to a police agency, the police check may take up to ten working days or longer, depending on the intricacy of the check.

What data is collected?​​

In order to process a police check, the applicant is required to provide the following documentation and information:

  • A minimum of four identity documents
  • Personal contact information
  • Residential history for the past five years

How does the service work?​​

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) work with Australian police agencies and accredited bodies to deliver the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. ​

ProbityPeople is an ACIC accredited agency which means we act on behalf of applicants to apply for and submit police checks. The ACIC entrusts us with direct access to the NPCS to play a vital role in helping safeguard the Australian community.

Once the application is lodged, the applicant’s details are checked against a national database to generate a potential match. If a potential match is flagged, those details are referred to the relevant police agency for further assessment. If the police agency confirms the applicant’s details do not match the police information, a ‘No Disclosable Court Outcome’ result will be provided.


ProbityPeople is an accredited agency with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) as a Stay Smart Online Partner, so you can rest assured knowing the results you receive are validated

What results can be found on a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check?

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check will detail any disclosable court outcomes or pending charges incurred across all Australian police jurisdictions. This might include:

  • charges
  • court convictions, including penalties and sentences
  • findings of guilt with no conviction
  • court appearances
  • good behaviour bonds or other court orders
  • matters awaiting court hearing
  • warrants and/or warnings
  • traffic offences

What is the difference between a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check and an Australian Federal Police Check?​

A Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check and an Australian Federal Police Check differ in their uses. In most instances, such as for employment purposes, you will only need to obtain a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check. ProbityPeople can process this check for employment purposes.

In special circumstances, such as for immigration or visa related purposes, an Australian Federal Police Check is required.

The AFP National Police Check can only be conducted for:

  • Residents of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories
  • People seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government
  • People requiring a check under Commonwealth legislation
  • Australian immigration purposes
  • Where the applicant resides overseas
  • Overseas employment
  • Overseas adoption
  • Visa applications for overseas travel
If the applicant does not meet these criteria, they will need to complete the Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check.

Can a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check be conducted without consent?​

A check can only be conducted with the consent of the applicant. In doing so, they are consenting to the specific purpose of that check. If the applicant requires a check for a different purpose, they must provide their informed consent again. Under certain and limited circumstances, a police check can be conducted without consent for law enforcement, immigration and administration of justice purposes.

Who has access to the police check result?​

Only authorised staff who form part of the police check assessment process may have access to an applicant’s personal information and police check result. For example:

  • Authorised police staff involved in the police check assessment process
  • Authorised ACIC staff to support accredited bodies and police agencies when processing the police check
  • Authorised staff of the accredited agency, ProbityPeople
  • Authorised staff of the employer, with the applicant’s informed consent​

Can the police check result be disputed or appealed?​

When an applicant believes the result of their police check is incorrect, it may be disputed or appealed through ProbityPeople. The disputed results will be investigated, and the applicant will be advised of the outcome by ProbityPeople.

Can ProbityPeople conduct police checks for volunteer purposes?​

Volunteer police checks can be conducted for individuals engaging in unpaid, volunteer work such as community services or for charity organisations. The process itself and the data obtained from the police check is largely the same as a standard police check however, it will not be permissible for individuals seeking paid work. Supporting documentation to prove voluntary work will need to be provided in the application process.

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