Financial Services​

Banking & Finance Sector – Our Specialty.

Financial services is one Australia’s most heavily regulated industries. With strict legislation and accountability at every turn, making informed hiring decisions has never been more crucial.

If your employees have access to:-

  • sensitive and confidential information
  • client data or financial controls
  • customer account information
  • access to company funds and credit facilities
  • payments, refunds, redraws
  • collections and arrears

…it’s imperative that you implement a background screening solution to help you stay compliant and protect your organisation and your customers.

ProbityPeople has been designed to meet the banking & finance sector’s workforce compliance requirements. You will have access to your own secure portal where you can request, track, manage and review candidate screening checks. Everything in one place.

ProbityPeople – financial services employee screening specialists for over 30 years.

Recommended Background Checks​

We recommend the following employment background screening checks for the financial services sector:

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

Credit Default Check

Verbal Reference Check

Directorship Check

Qualification Check

Accreditation Check

It’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your due diligence.