Charities, Communities, Not for Profits – they deserve the best to support their cause.

This sector often relies on donations from the general public, support from benefactors and government grants.

There are usually two types of people who work to support these organisations:-​

  • The full time staff of the organisation and;
  • Volunteers who donate their time to help with general tasks, or importantly volunteers who collect donations on the street or door to door.

Integrity and trust is paramount, as are the intentions of the people who support these organisations. Risk Management is more important than ever to protect your brand and the reputation of your supporters.

Our services are designed to help you through those difficult hiring decisions to ensure you’re welcoming the right people into your organisation.

Recommended Background Checks​

We recommend the following employment background screening checks for the Not-for-Profit sector:

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

Bankruptcy Check

Employment Check

Qualification Check

Right to Work Check

Spend less time managing employee compliance and more time on what you do best.