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An International Police Check, also known as an International Criminal History Check, provides information about an individual’s criminal record convictions reported in a country outside of Australia and its remote offshore territories.

International Criminal Record and History Checks are available for more than 200 countries, territories, and dependencies.

Which countries can an International Police Check be conducted in?

How long does an International Police Check take?​​

Turnaround time for results of an International Police Check is dependent on the time it takes each country's law enforcement and other related agencies to process requests. While most countries return results in 10-15 days, it may take up to 60 days for others.

What Data is collected?​​

Documents and information required from the applicant may vary depending on the country, but usually the following are the minimal requirements:

  • A minimum of 100 points identification (at least one document must be a primary ID)
  • Personal contact information
  • A complete history of in-country residential address information for a ten-year period, or the length of overseas residence, whichever is longer
  • Identification documentation for each international country of residence

What results can be found on an International Police Check?​​

An International Police Check may identify disclosable court outcomes or pending charges incurred in international police jurisdictions. This might include:

  • Any conviction sentenced in court
  • Details pertaining to the court, date and location related to the conviction
  • Good behaviour bonds
  • Traffic convictions
  • Charges not yet convicted in court
  • Findings of guilt by a court

What is the difference between an AFP Police Check and International Police Check?​​

The Australian Federal Police enforces Commonwealth criminal law in Australia and its remote offshore territories. They work closely with a range of other law enforcement agencies nationally, and internationally. ​

An International Police Check provides information about an individual’s criminal record convictions reported in a country outside of Australia and its remote offshore territories.

Can an International Police Check be conducted without consent?

A check can only be conducted with the consent of the applicant. In doing so, they are consenting to the specific purpose of that check. If the applicant requires a check for a different purpose, they must provide their informed consent again. Under certain and limited circumstances, a police check can be conducted without consent for law enforcement, immigration and administration of justice purposes.

Who has access to the International Police Check result?

Only authorised staff who form part of the international police check assessment process may have access to an applicant’s personal information and police check result. For example:

  • Authorised police staff involved in the police check assessment process
  • Authorised accredited bodies and international police agencies when processing the police check
  • Authorised staff of the accredited agency, ProbityPeople
  • Authorised staff of the employer, with the applicant’s informed consent

Can the International Police Check result be disputed or appealed?

When an applicant believes the result of their police check is incorrect, it may be disputed or appealed through ProbityPeople. The disputed results will be investigated, and the applicant will be advised of the outcome by ProbityPeople.

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