Price: $10
Results: usually returned within 1 hour

Verify your candidate’s right to work and visa information before they commence employment to ensure you are meeting your legal obligations as an employer. With fast turnaround times and results delivered straight to your account, your onboarding process has never been easier.

The data we receive is obtained directly from the Department of Home Affairs Visa Entitlement Verification system (VEVO) which means you can feel confident knowing that the information you receive is accurate and current.

Why should you conduct a Right to Work Check?

A Right to Work Check should be conducted for the following reasons:

  • Avoid fines if employee work visas are found to be not valid
  • Comply with legal obligations as an employer

How long does a Right to Work Check take?

On average, you can expect to receive the results of your Right to Work Check within one hour.

What data is shown on a Right to Work Check?

A Right to Work Check may reveal the following information:

  • Disclose whether a non-citizen has unrestricted work entitlements, limited work entitlements or no work entitlements
  • Visa expiry date (if applicable)
  • Information on maximum hours and the type of work permitted under relevant legislation

When should I conduct a Right to Work Check?

You should conduct a Right to Work Check on all non-citizens of Australia or New Zealand before commencement of employment.

Who has the right to work in Australia?

All Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residency holders are permitted to work in Australia without restrictions. Foreign nationals with a valid and current visa are also permitted to work in Australia however, there may be restrictions. The easiest way to make sure you’re aware of any work restrictions is to complete a Right to Work Check on all foreign nationals.

Is it compulsory to conduct a Right to Work Check on my employees?

Your company could face significant fines if you are found to be employing an illegal worker. Therefore, best practice recommends that you complete a Right to Work Check on any applicant that is a non-citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

Should I conduct renewal checks on employees?

If you have an employee with a visa that is due to expire during their term of employment with your company, it is recommended that you conduct a renewal check to ensure the employee’s work rights remain intact.

Can I find visa information in passports?

No. Visa restrictions and limitations are not often recorded in passports. The best way to check visa restrictions and work rights is with a Right to Work Check.

Need to conduct a Right to Work Check?

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