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In our digital world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent criminals from using sophisticated money laundering schemes to fund terrorism and other corrupt practices. An Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check) with ProbityPeople will assist in managing risk associated with money laundering and counter terrorism financing, international trade sanctions, bribery, corruption and modern slavery by revealing corrupt practices and identifying politically exposed persons. Make informed decisions and prevent your business being used to launder the proceeds of financial crime.

This check screens the following across more than 20,000 global sources:

  • Global Sanctions and Watchlists
  • Political Exposure
  • Global Adverse Media
    • Why should you conduct an Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check)?

      An AML Check will assist you with identifying your candidate's level of risk, especially for roles that require them to work with sensitive or financial information. The check will meet compliance obligations under the Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

      What data is collected?​​​​

      In order to process an Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check), the applicant is required to provide the following documentation and information:

      • Australian Passport or Driver’s Licence
      • International Passport or other identification documentation for each country of residence
      • personal contact information
      • a complete history of Australian and international residential address information for a ten-year period

      How long does it take for Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check) results to return?​​

      Results are returned instantly.

      Turnaround times are an estimation only based on our experience. Where ProbityPeople is reliant on third parties to provide information, it may take longer for information to be supplied.

      What information is shown on an Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check)?

      An Anti-Money Laundering Check (AML Check) with ProbityPeople will reveal:

      • a candidate’s corrupt activity whether conducted in Australia or abroad
      • if the candidate appears on any international or domestic watchlists
      • if the candidate is a politically exposed person
      • any adverse media targeting the candidate

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