ProbityPeople launches employment background screening solution designed for Australian business

A new player has entered the highly competitive employment background screening market, and it is a game-changer.

ProbityPeople is an employment background screening solution not currently available in this market. It is innovative technology developed in Australia to Australian standards, purpose-built for hiring managers by a team of specialists with a deep knowledge of the Australian business and employment landscape. Where other providers put all their eggs in the 100% online basket with little to no human interaction, ProbityPeople has made the conscious decision to humanize what can be an intrusive and confrontational segment of the recruitment value chain.

ProbityPeople’s user experience is a seamless hybrid of online and real life. The platform is 100% online and totally secure, putting the user in control with their own dashboard, and any data gathered as part of the process is stored securely on Australian servers. The dedicated team of specialist screening consultants processes checks in real time, and is available to discuss specific requirements to guide users should they need assistance.

The brainchild of 30-year recruitment industry veteran Jodie McGrath, the idea for ProbityPeople was borne from a need for Australian companies to understand the importance of protecting their business and staff from fraud perpetrated by employees who knew how to hide a dishonest past.

“A gap existed in the market for an employment background screening solution that was purpose built for Australian employers as part of their hiring process. Hiring managers and recruiters needed a simple yet intuitive platform that could save them time and money. So, we built it,” Ms McGrath said.

Resume Fraud is a common problem

The Independent Commission against Corruption (ICAC) estimates that between 20% and 30% of job applications contain some form of false information, ranging from minor omissions to serious falsehoods. Hiring staff who have engaged in resume fraud can lead to further corrupt conduct, damage an organisation’s reputation and negatively affect other staff1.

Employers need to have confidence in who they are hiring, especially for roles that cross into people’s personal or financial information, or if they are managing finances for a company.

“In my 30 something years as a recruiter and safety net for corporate hiring managers, I have seen first-hand the great lengths some applicants will go to evade the truth about their employment or personal history on their resumes and in the interview process,” said Ms McGrath.

“We’ve also all seen the damage that these people do when they slip through the net: the theft of thousands or millions of dollars, the threat to employee safety and mental health, and the loss of integrity or reputation of the hiring company.”

ProbityPeople is a solution for employers hiring new starters and individuals looking to get out in front of any anomalies in their professional or personal history. Checks available for corporates and individuals include:

  • Police checks for paid and voluntary roles,
  • Bankruptcy, credit history and directorship & shareholding checks, and
  • Visa entitlement to work checks

In addition, recruiters and hiring managers can request:

  • Education, qualification, licence and membership verifications,
  • Registration and accreditation verifications, and
  • Employment and reference checks

If there is a need for more than just a quick confirmation of an individual’s employment history, ProbityPeople’s Comprehensive Reference Check is the gold standard. This check provides a more detailed understanding of an applicant’s skills, experience and workplace behaviour. Every check is personally conducted by a specialist screening consultant. They explore an applicant’s strengths, challenges, trustworthiness, interpersonal skills and more. Every reference check and the nominated referee is verified with the employer to confirm the reference is from a genuine source.

Honesty and integrity in the hiring process is the driver behind ProbityPeople. “It’s all there in the name, and we’re confident that Australia’s hiring managers and recruiters will trust us to help them hire smarter.”


About ProbityPeople

ProbityPeople is Australia’s complete employment background screening solution. ProbityPeople is innovative technology developed in Australia to Australian standards. ProbityPeople delivers a simple, fast and actionable pre- and post-employment background screening solution for companies of every size, while removing common roadblocks such as large costs, time-intensive processes and internal resourcing limitations. 



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