Identity Documents Required for National Police Checks

To complete a National Police Check, it is a requirement of the ACIC (Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission) to supply a minimum of 4 Identity Documents and a Self-Captured Photo must be provided. Each document may only be used once.

Document TypeRequired Documents
Commencement of IdentityMinimum 1 document is required from this section
Primary Use in the CommunityMinimum 1 document is required from this section
Secondary Use in the CommunityMinimum 2 documents are required from this section
Self-Captured Photo (selfie) Holding Photo IDMinimum 1 photo is required

Before beginning your National Police Check application, please make sure you have the required identity documents and your self-captured photo ready to be uploaded.

Minimum 1 document is required from this section.

  • Australian Passport (current)
  • Australian Visa (current at time of entry to Australia as a resident or tourist)
    * Please note that when a Visa is provided as a 'Commencement Document', corresponding passport to this visa must be uploaded.
  • ImmiCard issued by Department of Home Affairs (previously the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) that enables the cardholder to prove their visa and/or migration status and enrol in services
  • Certificate of Identity issued by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) to refugees and non-Australian citizens for entry to Australia
  • Document of Identity issued by DFAT to Australian citizens or persons who have the nationality of a Commonwealth country for travel purposes
  • Certificate of evidence of resident status.
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Australian Birth Certificate (not an extract or birth card)
Minimum 1 document is required from this section.

  • Australian drivers licence (current), learner permit or provisional licence issued by a state or territory, showing a signature and/or photo and the same name as claimed
  • Australian marriage certificate issued by a state or territory (church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted)
  • Passport (current) issued by a country other than Australia with a valid entry stamp or visa
  • Proof of Age or Photo Identity Card (current) issued by an Australian Government agency in the name of the applicant, with a signature and photo
  • Shooters or Firearms Licence (current) showing a signature and photo (not minor or junior permit or licence)
  • Student Identification Card (current) with signature or photo for persons under 18 years of age with no other Primary Use in Community Documents
Minimum 2 documents are required from this section.

  • Medicare Card
  • Bank Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Statement
  • Australian utility bill, showing name and address
  • Australian Private Health Insurance Card
  • Australian Trade Association card
  • Enrolment With The Australian Electoral Commission
  • Australian secondary or tertiary student photo identity document
  • Certified academic transcript from an Australian university
  • Security guard or crowd control photo licence
  • Foreign Government Issued documents (for example, drivers licence)
  • State/territory government rates assessment notice or Australian Taxation Office assessment notice
  • Evidence of right to an Australian government benefit (Centrelink or Veterans' Affairs)
  • Credit reference check
  • Trusted referees report
  • Photo Identity Card issued to an officer by a police force
  • Photo Identity Card issued by the Australian Defence Force
  • Photo Identity Card issued by the Australian Government or a state or territory government (this may take the form of a Working with Children or Vulnerable People card or a government issued occupational licence)
  • Certificate of identity issued by DFAT
  • Document of identity issued by DFAT
  • Convention Travel Document Secondary (United Nations) issued by DFAT
  • Consular photo identity card issued by DFAT
  • Aviation Security Identification Card
  • Maritime Security Identification Card

In addition to providing the minimum four identity documents , applicants must provide a self-captured photo of themselves holding their photo ID.
This is a legal requirement by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) to ensure that the applicant presenting the identity documents is the person to which the documents relate.

Instructions for applicants:
Basically, you need to prove that you are the person in your photo ID:
  • Take a self-captured photo (selfie) of yourself holding your photo ID
  • Ensure this is a headshot
  • Ensure the photo ID you are holding is clear and readable
  • Ensure the photo captures the entire Passport; and your entire face and shoulders, like the sample image below
Now upload this photo in addition to the other ID documents as part of your application.

Change of Name
If you provide identity documents using more than one name (i.e. a former name), you must provide evidence of your name change. This must be a Change of Name Certificate issued by the Australian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or an Australian Marriage Certificate issued by a State or Territory, in addition to your four identity documents. Church or celebrant-issued certificates are not accepted.

Special Provisions for Proof of Identity
The ACIC recognises that in some circumstances you may not be able to meet the minimum proof of identity requirements. In this case, please contact us to assess your ability to meet the requirements and determine the most suitable method to confirm your identity.

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