Retaining a stable workforce starts with a comprehensive employee background screening process..

Good recruitment and onboarding processes need to be as modern, and productivity focused as the rest of your business. Too often, we see misalignment in recruitment and onboarding with business generation activities. Attracting, recruiting, onboarding and most importantly, retaining quality team members are equally vital success factors for any business.

The ABS reports that there were 13.8 million people employed in Australia as of February 2023. Over half (56%) had been employed in their current job for less than 5 years. About 1 in 5 (21%) had been in their job for less than 1 year. In other words, 21% of your workforce is looking, going or gone.

This 21% are not necessarily leaving because they are unhappy. People move on for many reasons. As employers, you are rarely in control of or have any influence over that decision. The point is, people are becoming more comfortable with their employability, and therefore prepared to take new employer risk, more often now than ever before.

Hiring slow and firing fast has always been a pretty good guide for business. The premise being that you can de-risk a decision by not rushing it. Not anymore. Candidates won’t rate your perceived indecision. Instead, they will move quickly in the direction of the competition who is moving faster.

The trick is to move fast without compromising on standards, compliance or process. To do that, you must have your standards, compliance and recruitment processes in place, match fit and ready to compete.

Having a good, strong, dedicated recruitment team (internal or agency) who understand your business is critical. You must have an efficient and reliable pre-employment screening process in place and ready to go. Above all, good clear communication based on authenticity is the most important ingredient to ensure your business continues to thrive and succeed, driven by a team you can trust!

Retaining a stable workforce starts with a comprehensive employee background screening process..

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