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Take control of your background screening and employee compliance processes when you set up an account with ProbityPeople. A leading provider of screening solutions in Australia, we understand that background screening can often seem like a time-intensive and costly practice for some companies, which is why there are still some businesses out there that are not following safe hiring standards. Unfortunately, the cost of ignoring comprehensive background screening can be significant and is often left undiscovered until it’s too late.

When you skip employee background checks, you are putting your company and your employees at risk. Internal fraud and theft costs Australian businesses $1.5 billion per year and the only way to identify these risks before hiring a new staff member is to invest in a background screening solution that works.

ProbityPeople has made it easier than ever to manage and review your employee background checks via our online portal. It’s free to sign-up with no lengthy contracts and access to a wide range of background checks.

How does it work?

When you register a business account, you can manage all of your applicant’s background checks from one place. To request a check for an applicant:
  1. Log into your admin portal and select a check
  2. An automated email is sent via the admin portal to your applicant, inviting them to complete the check.
  3. The applicant can access and complete the check via a link in the automated email.
  4. Once complete, you and the applicant will be notified of the results.

Our easy online portal also gives you the ability to track the status of your applicant’s checks and set up automated reminders when it’s time to renew them. All results will be securely stored in your personalised portal so you can access them at any time.

Benefits of holding a business account:

Improve the quality of new hires

60% of companies who conducted background screening as part of their onboarding process in 2019 listed ‘better quality of hires’ as the most significant benefit they experienced as a result of background screening**. With employee retention and growth a major concern for many companies, it’s no surprise that these companies are recognising the importance of background screening. And you should too.

Simplify your internal processes and ditch the paperwork

With ProbityPeople’s online admin portal, all of your data will be safely stored online so you can ditch the in-house paperwork and old-fashioned procedures.

Save on in-house resources and staffing

By outsourcing your background screening and employment checks to ProbityPeople, you’ll save on time, staffing costs and internal resources. Plus, you can rest assured knowing your company is receiving the very best in pre-employment screening.

All of your compliance and screening obligations sorted

A screening solution with ProbityPeople means your compliance obligations as an employer when it comes to employee background screening will be met.

Secure Online Platform
Secure Online Platform
Manage, process and review all of your screening checks via your secure, admin portal.
Flexible billing
Flexible Billing
With no sign-up fees, no contracts and a flexible, monthly payment option, there will never be any unwanted surprises.
Local Support
Local Support
Our team is based in Australia so you’ll always be able to contact us for support online or over the phone.
Track Progress
Track Progress
Receive updates and notifications via email, as well as automatic reminders for renewal checks on employees.
Streamlined process
Fast Results
Many of our checks are processed within 24 hours which means zero delays to your candidate onboarding process.
Streamlined Reportin
Streamlined Reporting
Get ahead of your budget with clear reporting functions and invoicing options via our online portal.

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